Mr M Evans

Year 7

In year 7 a great deal of emphasis is placed on developing observational drawing skills and building pupils confidence within the different disciplines of art and design.

Pupils will produce work based on their observations of ‘The Natural Environment’ and will study formal elements such as tone, line, form, shape, pattern and texture. Pupils will also look at constructing their own ‘Still Life Groups’ and they will be taught how to use perspective, space and shadow to create their own work based on still life.

The pupils will learn the principles of the colour wheel and will use a variety of different art materials to produce final pieces in colour, looking particularly at the primary and secondary colours and colour mixing.

Pupils will look at the work of other artists and will begin to learn how to use artistic vocabulary to talk about their own work and to describe how their work is inspired by the work of others.

Year 8

In year 8 the pupils will build upon many of the skills learnt in year 7 but they will produce artwork of a greater creative diversity, while experimenting with more varied materials and techniques.

Pupils will produce work based on ‘Icons’ and will study traditional icons initially, which will be developed into celebrity icons based on the pupil’s own choice of celebrity. Pupils will explore pattern in greater depth and will produce a final celebrity icon using a mixture of different art materials, pattern work, collage and drawing. Pupils will then study ‘African Art’ and will produce initial drawings, which will be developed into designs. Finally a papier-mâché African mask using traditional African colours and patterns will be produced by each pupil.

As in the previous year the pupils will continue to talk about their own work by evaluating themselves verbally during lesson time and throughout their sketchbooks in written form. There will be a strong emphasis on the pupil’s own response to the work of other artists and they will be expected to research much more independently.

Year 9

In year 9 the emphasis will be strongly placed on preparing the pupils for art GCSE. The pupils will build upon skills already learnt in years 7 and 8 but will produce GCSE type projects and final pieces, which could be entered as part of GCSE coursework.

Pupils will produce work based on ‘Llanelli and the surrounding areas’. They will develop their observational skills and their skills of handling perspective using many different art materials. Pupils will then produce a final print based on at least one building they have studied. Pupils will produce work based on the portrait using the traditional method of dividing the head into sections to create an accurate representation, with the features in the correct places. Pupils will experiment with producing portraits on different scales and will produce a final piece based on Pop Art.

Pupils will write detailed evaluations and annotations based on the different stages of their work in their sketchbooks and they will research in detail the work of other artists, including Welsh artists. The pupil’s sketchbooks will be used as a visual diary.