Miss N Jacob

GCSE Business Studies provides an in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of business and business activity. By the end of the 2 year GCSE course, students should have an understanding of the internal workings of a range of business organisations, how businesses make decisions, the external influences on business decision making, and the components that need to be in place to enable a business to be successful.

The GCSE Business Studies course involves students using a wide range of written, spoken and numerical skills when looking at the operation of small and large businesses. GCSE Business Studies should help students gain a real understanding of how businesses make decisions about a whole range of issues. There are a number of case studies to analyse in depth and practical problems to solve, encouraging students to develop sound business judgement.

Students will acquire many transferable skills. Students will be able to apply skills such as research, strategy analysis and financial competency. The course will provide an excellent foundation for those looking for a career in Marketing, Banking, Economics, Accountancy Management, Human Resources and Production.