Mrs E Griffiths

ASDAN – Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (COPE)

ASDAN is an awarding body approved by Ofqual, the Welsh Government and CCEA. It specialises in accrediting achievement in personal skills,

To achieve the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, candidates must gain credits by completing challenges, and provide evidence to demonstrate skills development in six areas at the appropriate level. The six assessment units are:

WO Introduction to Working with Others
LP Introduction to improving Own Learning and Performance
PS Introduction to Problem Solving
R Planning and Carrying out a piece of Research
D Communicating Through Discussion
OP Planning and Giving and Oral Presentation

The aims of the course are:

  • To help the pupil to develop and demonstrate a range of skills
  • To provide a way in which the pupil can gain credit from what they have learnt from a wide variety of activities from both inside and outside the school.

The Certificate of Personal Effectiveness will:

  • Recognise the pupils personal achievements
  • Help pupils manage their own learning
  • Broaden pupils experiences
  • Develop pupils employability skills

To gain the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness pupils must:

  • Take responsibility for planning, organising and carrying out a number of activities or challenges
  • Develop and provide evidence of working with others, improving own learning and performance and problem solving
  • Develop and provide evidence of the skills of research, discussion and presentation
  • Provide evidence of achievements in a file