Faculty Staff and Facilities

Mrs L. C Sanders Head of the Expressive Arts Faculty Lead Teacher for KS3 Music and GCSE Music
Mr M. Evans Lead Teacher for KS3 Art, GCSE Art and GCSE Graphic Design.
Mr G Wilson Lead Teacher for KS3 Drama Teacher of KS3 Music
Mr T Earey Teacher of KS3 Music
Art Support Staff Mrs H Griffiths
Music Support Staff Instrumental and Vocal Lessons are delivered by members of the Carmarthenshire Music Service Peripatetic Team. 2019/20 Staff Brass – Mr G Sanders Drum Kit and Percussion – Mr M Philips Guitars – Mr J Honour Strings – Mrs G Thomas Vocals – Mr J Morgan Woodwind – Mr P Shingler  

The Arts faculty was refurbished in 2017. The upgraded Art department consists of a modern and airy classroom benefiting from large windows that provide the natural light that enables pupils to work with a range of mediums, focusing on the fine details of contour, shading, colours and perspective. The rear of the art room houses a working kiln, allowing pupils to be able to ‘fire’ their clay, pottery and ceramics work. In addition, a computer suite of 10 CPUs allowing pupils at KS3 and KS4 to use Adobe Photoshop, an industry level programme that allows the manipulation and creation of graphic art material.

Drama is delivered between the spacious school hall and the newly refurbished humanities room that sits between the art and music departments. The spacious school hall boasts a wide stage with space and blocks to create wings, blackout curtains, a lighting desk and sound rig where pupils can hone their technical skills alongside their practical skills. The humanities room allows for space for pupils to plan their tasks, participate in whole class starter activities and games as well as a more intimate performance space. The school hall allows for breakout spaces for rehearsals and development of group work and skills. 

The Music department is situated next to the school hall and consist of a large modern airconditioned teaching space and 2 practice rooms. A door at the rear of the music room allows pupils to access the grand piano on the stage for rehearsals, a practice venue for performances as well as a breakout space for music theatre and rock band activities.

One practice room houses our rock-based resources. These consist of a range of bass, keyboard and guitar amplifiers, a drum kit and electric piano. Pupils are encouraged to bring in their own guitars and form bands at lunchtimes. The room can be pre-booked and GCSE students who are guitar specialists are on hand to support with repertoire and provide a background ‘groove’ for pupils wishing to ‘jam’.

The second room houses a rehearsal space for singers and acoustic instrumentalists. The space includes an upright piano that is tuned regularly to provide a high-quality resource for our more able and talented performers.

The main music teaching room consists of a carpeted performance area in the centre of the room, a digital piano, a range of keyboards and percussion instruments. Around the circumference of the room are benches that house a computer suite linked to either midi keyboards and/or recording interfaces. All computers have both the notation software Sibelius commonly used by professionals, and sequencing software Mixcraft, available for whole class use. A small number of iPads are also available for pupils to record their performance work for evaluation purposes, rehearsing with backing tracks and general research of playing techniques.