It is essential that the school office has all of your current contact details, especially your current mobile number and advise us immediately of any changes.


Reporting your Child’s Absence

In the event of being contacted regarding your child’s absence from school you will be requested to telephone the school and be given the option to leave a message by pressing Option 1. Please leave your child’s Name, Form, and the Reason for the Absence.

Your child will still need to provide a note explaining the reason for the absence, on the day that he/she returns to school even if you have contacted the school by telephone.
Absence due to Medical Appointments

County have advised schools that any pupils missing or leaving school for medical appointments must provide an appointment card or medical letter. Notes from parents or notes written in planners will not be accepted in future.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance at school please contact Mrs M Harries, Pastoral Support Officer on 01554 772589.

Pupils identified as needing extra support can be referred to the relevant services available within the school including the: School Counsellor, Youth Worker and School Nurse.


If pupils have mobile phones they should note that they are not to be switched on or in use inside the school. This includes the buildings, playground and playing field areas, before, during and after the school day.

Mobile phones are to be kept out of sight, either on the person or in the school bag. The school can take no responsibility for any loss or theft of mobile phones.

Parents and guardians are asked not to contact their children by phone or text during the school day. If an emergency message needs to be conveyed the school office will take the call and pass the message on. Similarly if a pupil needs to make an emergency call home he or she just needs to approach the office.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the phone being confiscated and kept in the school office for collection by a responsible adult.


We understand at times, parents like to inform us of school issues that they are unhappy about. In the first instance, for pastoral issues, please contact:

Mrs. Julia Roberts, Head of Learning, Year 7
Mrs. Rachel Evans, Head of Well-being and Pastoral Care.

For subject specific queries, please contact the relevant Head of Department or Faculty (their details can be found on this website)

In most instances, these staff will be able to address and resolve your concerns.

Deputy Headteacher Miss. Graziella Fiorillo is the designated complaints officer. She will be happy to assist and discuss the school complaints policy if you feel your concerns have not been addressed and advise you of any further steps you might wish to take.