Your child may be entitled to free school meals based on certain qualifying criteria and this will ensure that your child has access to a choice of nutritious meals available in our canteen, which has been awarded 5 stars for hygiene.

In addition to offering your child the option of a warm nutritious meal on a cold day, it can also ease the financial burden during what is a difficult economic climate. Each child that qualifies for Free School Meals is entitled to a meal to the value of £2.50 which qualifies for one of our meal deals that includes a main meal, dessert and occasionally an accompanying drink. Having access to a nutritious meal will no doubt have a positive effect on your child’s academic progress.

Our canteen’s cashless system also means that the credit is automatically applied to your child’s account each day. Tokens are not used and will ensure that any child on Free School Meals receives this entitlement in a confidential and discreet way.

Children that qualify for this entitlement also allow the school to receive additional financial support which benefits pupils in being able to access the best possible tools and resources available for learning.


Are you entitled?

Free School Meals are available to children if parent(s)/guardian(s) qualify and receive the following benefits:

Income support

Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)

Support under part V1 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Guaranteed element of State Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit, but DO NOT receive Working Tax Credit, and their annual income (as assess by the Inland Revenue) does not exceed £16,190 (from 6th April 2013)

Income related Employment and Support Allowance

Universal Credit

If you are still unsure if you qualify for Free School Meals for your child you can find further information:

  • Carmarthenshire County Council website
  • Contact the Free School Meals Section directly on telephone (01267) 246521
  • Contact via email –


How to apply?

The quickest and easiest way is to apply online using the following link :

  • Apply Online For Free School Meals

  • Alternatively you can:

    Contact the school office as application forms are available from the school and can be passed on discretely to your child

    Telephone (01267) 246521 and request a form be sent out in the post

    Email with your name and address and a form will be sent to you
    Completed forms together with the relevant evidence should be sent to :

    Free School Meals Section
    Department for Education & Children
    Building 2, St David’s Park
    Job’s Well Road
    SA31 3HB


    What evidence do I need to provide?

    The documents required to support your application are :

    A photocopy of the decision letter from the benefits office showing your entitlement to Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based) OR

    A photocopy of your Inland Revenue Tax Credit Award / Pension Credit, OR

    Your application form stamped and dated by the benefits office indicating which benefit you are entitled to, OR

    Children of Asylum Seekers are entitled to receive free school meals for their children is their Immigration and Nationality Directorate National Asylum Support Service (N.A.S.S.)


    How long do applications take?

    On-line applications : applications made via the Carmarthenshire website are typically processed within 5 working days. You will then be notified via email and/or by letter.

    Postal applications : once forms have been received together with the necessary evidence enclosed, applications are typically processed within 10 working days. You will be notified of the award by letter.

    Free School Meals can only be granted on receipt of a correctly completed form together with the correct proof on entitlement.


    Do I need to apply each year?

    If your child is already claiming free school meals and there is no change in circumstances, your child will continue to receive free school meals from one academic year to the next with no disruption.


    What if my circumstances change?

    You will need to notify the Free School Meal Office if there are any of the following changes:

    You start work

    Your benefit changes

    You change address

    You have another child starting school for the first time

    The child involved no longer lives with you

    Please be aware that failure to notify the Free School Meal Office of any of the above changes may result in you having to pay for any meals taken whilst not being eligible. If in doubt about your ongoing eligibility please contact the Free School Meal Office immediately for advice.