Mrs A James

Year 7

In year 7 pupils will be introduced to the basics of the French language such as numbers, days, months and the French alphabet. Pupils will quickly develop an understanding of the differences between French and English through topics such as personal descriptions and school life.

Dictionary skills will also be introduced to develop their independence within the subject. Their confidence will also develop with a firm emphasis on pronunciation and sound patterns.

Year 8

In year 8 pupils will build on the language, vocabulary and language skills learnt in Year 7. Pupils language and vocabulary will be extended through topics on sport, hobbies and house and area. The pupils will also be introduced to the past tense.

Pupils will begin to use connectives frequently to support sentence building and linking. Emphasis will continue on pronunciation and developing the French accent, which in turn develops their confidence in speaking French.

Year 9

As well as building on all the language, vocabulary, and language skills learnt in Years 7 and 8, there will be a greater emphasis on preparing the pupils for GCSE French. Pupils will cover topics such as daily routine, food and healthy eating before beginning a new GCSE topic towards the end of the year.

Pupils will continue to work on extending their written and spoken French as well as developing their reading and listening skills and technique, which all contributes to their increasing confidence within the subject.


The French GCSE course covers a wide variety of topics, whilst building on the language and vocabulary learnt at KS3.

Over the two year GCSE course pupils will study the following topics:

*Health & fitness                                 *Social Issues

*Customs and Traditions                  *School and Education

*Youth Culture                                      *World of Work

*Local Area                                           *Future Plans

*Holidays and Tourism                      *Transport

*Environment                                       *Technology and Social Media

Pupils will be assessed in exams at the end of Year 11 over the four skills:

SPEAKING (25%)    LISTENING (25%)                READING (25%)      WRITING (25%)

Remember, learning a modern foreign language gives you……

  • Confidence
  • Culture
  • Perspective
  • Challenge
  • Communication skills

In fact, it makes you stand out and makes a difference to your future employability!