Mrs J Roberts

The Mathematics Department at St John Lloyd is comprised of four full-time members of staff and a numeracy support teacher. Mrs Jessica Roberts is Head of the Maths Department and leads numeracy development across the school. Ms Suzanne Evans (Head of Learning Years 10-11 and member of SLT) teaches in the department and Mrs Kath Jones and Mr Ashley Richards also teach lessons to KS3 and 4 pupils. Ms Julia O’Keefe delivers our numeracy intervention programme providing extra numeracy support to pupils in small groups.

Mathematics is a core subject and is taught to all pupils in years 7 to 11. Setting takes place as soon as possible in Year 7 and before the end of the first half term pupils are placed in the group most suited to their needs. Monitoring of progress is regular and movement between sets occurs regularly and throughout all year groups.

All pupils have access to a maths website MathsWatch VLE. They are allocated a username and password.

The website can be used as a revision tool and pupils can access any topics of their choice. It is aimed at supporting pupils in both KS3 and KS4 and we encourage pupils to use the resource to reinforce their knowledge on any maths topics to support their understanding. This website allows pupils to complete home-learning tasks which may be set by the class teacher.

From years 7 to 11 pupils work on topics that appear on the GCSE and Entry Level courses. At present, years 10 and 11 pupils are entered for GCSE Mathematics at either Higher Tier or Foundation Tier. Both of these tiers will allow access to a ‘C’ grade. Some of the less able pupils will also sit the Entry Level examination. The exam board we use for Higher Maths GCSE and Entry Level is OCR. The exam board we use for Foundation level GCSE is WJEC. Pupils have access to all their past papers both on the school website and the relevant examination board website. Pupils entering Year 10 from September 2015 onwards will be sitting the new style GCSE. This will involve pupils sitting 2 maths GCSE examinations entitled GCSE-Maths and GCSE-Numeracy. Pupils will sit Higher, Intermediate or Foundation level. These qualifications are equivalent to 2 GCSEs.

The tier that a pupil will be entered for will be decided after discussion with individual teachers and pupils. It is possible to change between tiers to ensure that pupils gain the best grade possible.

Because there are a mixture of ‘non-calculator’ and ‘calculator allowed’ papers in the GCSE maths examination, pupils are expected to be correctly equipped for all maths lessons with a scientific calculator and geometry set. At Key stage 4 pupils are also encouraged to purchase revision guides and make full use of the MathsWatch website to support their independent study. Equipment and these revision resources can be purchased from the maths department.

Pupils are encouraged to work to their full potential in maths with support and guidance from their teacher.


  Maths Foundation GCSE Papers

  OCR Higher Tier Past papers