As a school we aim to provide high quality Pastoral Support for all of the pupils in our care. The first point of contact for your child will be through the Form Tutor who meets with the pupils twice a day during registration and is best placed to offer support in any way possible. There are three Heads of Learning for each of Year 7, Years 8 & 9 and Years 10 & 11 who liaise between home and school and who are responsible for the Pastoral Care of pupils in their year group. They monitor pupil progress carefully to ensure that each child achieves their full potential.

In a Catholic school discipline cannot be separated from the Christian values of justice and love. It is within this context that we expect the highest standards from the pupils and encourage each pupil to develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility. The school has a Code of Conduct which is explained to pupils and if a pupil needs to be corrected, the courses of action may be varied and may include extra work or detention. In certain circumstances a pupil may be excluded from the school. This is a rare event and parents are immediately notified of the action taken. There is a right of appeal to the governing body.

Pastoral Contacts:

Miss G Fiorillo – Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral.

Miss J C Roberts – Head of Learning Year 7/Head of Transition.

Mrs K Jones – Head of Learning Years 8 & 9.

Mrs S Evans – Head of Learning Years 10 & 11.

Mrs M Harries – Pastoral Support/Attendance Officer.