As a Department, we support pupils with their academic studies. We work closely with other staff, families and external agencies to offer personal and emotional support to individuals. We strive to ensure that pupils needs are met and that the best provision, wellbeing and care is delivered.

Additional provision is made for pupils who are identified. When appropriate pupils are supported in the classroom by teaching assistants and may, on occasions, be withdrawn for additional support following bespoke packages tailored to their needs. The school is all on one level and consideration has been given to ensure access to all areas.

Early identification is paramount and all students are assessed on entering the school so appropriate support and intervention can be provided for all pupils to achieve their best. Targets are set and programmes of work are built on strengths as well as addressing pupils’ needs. Teaching and Learning reflects the needs of the individual pupil allowing all students to achieve success.

The Additional Learning Needs Co-Ordinator (ALNCO) is responsible for the tacking and monitoring of pupils within the department co-ordinating the appropriate provision.

We work closely with the primary schools, colleges, the educational psychologist, careers service, and external agencies in order to provide the best provision possible. Equal opportunities are given to all pupils whatever their needs (e.g. autism, dyslexia, speech and language, hearing or visually impaired etc.)

Screening & Exam Arrangements

Pupils are screened and tested. Where appropriate, access arrangements are put into place for external exams.

The school’s Additional Learning Needs policy

New ALN Reform

To see the new ALN Reform Guidance published by the Welsh Government please clicking here.