“The things that worry children about starting secondary school”

Not making friends

St John Lloyd is a small friendly school and pupils get to know each other really quickly.

“It’s an amazing school with loads of friendly people. You will meet lots of new friends”. Emily Jones (former pupil of Brynsierfel)

There are lots of social events, after school, lunchtime and morning clubs  where pupils can socialise.

Getting on the bus

Pupils are issued with a bus timetable before they start in St John Lloyd so that they know where their nearest bus stop is and the time it leaves. During the first two weeks of starting school, pupils are helped onto their bus. There are older pupils on each bus who are bus buddies.

Getting lost

On the first day of school, pupils are welcomed into the school hall and from there are shown to their form classes. St John Lloyd School is on one floor and all classrooms are in one building. Pupils will experience a taster day in July and are provided with a map of the school. Peer mentors are on hand during the first two weeks to help pupils around the school.

Not knowing what to do if there’s a problem

Each pupil is assigned to a form with an experienced form tutor who will help support each pupil. Each year group is also assigned a Head of Learning.

“The teachers will help you out”. Alex Powell (former pupil of Pentip)


Pupils are issued with a planner at the start of year 7. Homework is recorded in the planner and parents are asked to sign the planner each week. Pupils are encouraged to speak with their subject teacher about their homework.