Mrs R Evans

At St John Lloyd, Welsh forms part of the core curriculum. They receive three hours of lessons per fortnight. The Department uses modern textbooks and a range of interactive materials to develop pupils’ reading, writing and oracy skills. Pupils are encouraged to speak Welsh at every given opportunity in order to prepare them for bilingual opportunities in school and in their communities. We strive to promote the language in an interesting and enjoyable way.

The Department offers pupils the opportunity to attend two residential visits in Key Stage 3- Llangrannog and Glan-llyn. Pupils are encouraged to participate in the annual Eisteddfod where they can join in, in a range of fun and lively activities such as dancing, singing and reciting. Key skills form an integral part of teaching and learning in the department. Opportunities are given for pupils to solve problems, use ICT and to develop their numeracy skills.

Many cross-curricular links are made to other departments through a selection of popular units taught at Key Stage 3. Please note a selection of the following:

  • Technology / Technoleg
  • Party, party, party! / Parti, parti, parti
  • My area / Fy ardal • Over the summer / Dros yr haf
  • Leisure time / Hamddena • Way of living / Ffordd o fyw
  • Health / Iechyd • The environment / Yr amgylchedd
  • Watching television / Gwylio’r teledu • The school / Yr ysgol