Senior Leadership Team Headteacher – Mr A Hurley Deputy Headteacher – Miss G Fiorillo Assistant Headteacher – Mr M Kent Senior Teacher (Secondment) – Mrs L Ayers Senior Teacher (Secondment) – Mr T Earey Business Manager – Mrs S Jordan Pastoral Team Head of Learning – Year 7 – Miss JC Roberts Head of Well-being & Pastoral Care – Mrs R Evans Expressive Arts Head of Faculty – Mrs L Sanders Teacher of Art – Mr M Evans Teacher of Music / Drama – Mr G Wilson English & Literacy Head of Faculty – Mrs V Jones Teacher of English – Miss A Saunders Teacher of English – Mr A Richards Teacher of English – Mr G Wilson Languages Head of Faculty – Mrs L Ayers Teacher of French – Mrs A James Teacher of Welsh – Miss JC Roberts Humanities Head of Faculty – Mr G Sambrook Teacher of History – Mr N Baylis ICT Head of Faculty – Miss N Jacob Mathematics & Numeracy Head of Faculty – Mr G Rowlands Teacher of Mathematics – Miss L Jones Teacher of Mathematics (Part-time) – Mrs R Griffiths Teacher of Mathematics (Part-time) – Mrs S Evans Health & Well-Being Head of Faculty – Mr C Lovell Teacher of Physical Education – Miss E Morgan Religious Education & Ethos Head of Faculty – Mrs R Lawrence Teacher of Religious Education – Mr D Daley Teacher of Religious Education – Miss G Fiorillo
Science & Technology Head of Faculty – Mrs C Adams Teacher of Science – Mr E Bowen Teacher of Science – Mrs A Perrott Teacher of Technology – Mr M Kent Teacher of Technology (Food) – Mrs C Rowlands Teacher of Technology (Child Development & Textiles) – Mrs E Cook Special Educational Needs ALNCO – Mr T Earey Welsh Baccalaureate / Wider Provision Head of Faculty – Mrs A James Cover Supervisor Miss C Brewis Pastoral Intervention Mr A Goulden Mrs L Angelone Literacy/Numeracy Intervention Mrs C Cooper School-Based Youth Worker Mrs M Griffiths Teaching Assistants Miss M Allen Mrs H Bolton Mrs T Jones Mrs J Kavanagh Ms D McNally Mrs N Richards Mrs R Morris Mrs S Lloyd Mrs K Evans Technicians Food Technician (part-time) – Mrs A Nicholas Office/Admin Staff Admin Assistant / Receptionist – Mrs C Howells-Watts Admin Assistant / Receptionist – Miss S Anderson Admin Assistant / Receptionist – Miss D Williams Support / Attendance Officer – Mrs M Harries Exams Officer – Miss C Evans Site Manager Mr J Raistrick Network Manager/Data Manager Mr C R Francis