Mrs L Ayers

At St John Lloyd Welsh forms part of the core curriculum. Pupils in Key Stage 3 receive 3 hours of teaching per fortnight and pupils in Key Stage 4 receive 5 hours per fortnight. Pupils learn about a variety of topics and use a variety of skills.  Pupils are encouraged to speak as much Welsh as possible both in lessons and around the school in order to prepare them for bilingual opportunities in the future. We strive to promote the language in an interesting and enjoyable way. Key skills form an integral part of teaching and learning in the Welsh department. Pupils are given the opportunity to solve problems, produce work digitally and develop their numeracy skills. Topics studied at Key Stage 3 are similar to those taught at GCSE during Key Stage 4 where pupils further develop their knowledge and become more ambitious with their language skills.

Topics taught at Key Stage 3 inlcude:

  • Fi fy hun/ Myself
  • Ysgol/ School
  • Hamddena/ Leisure time
  • Gwyliau/ Holidays
  • Gwaith/ Work
  • Chwaraeon/ Sports
  • Cymru a’r Byd/ Wales and the World
  • Fy milltir sgwar/ My area

The Welsh department offers pupils a variety of extra- curricular activities to enhance their learning. Activities include celebrating Diwrnod Shwmae, the School Eisteddfod, trips to St Fagans to celebrate a traditional Welsh Christmas, trips to the theatre to see Welsh language performances and a trip to Disney Land Paris for the St David’s Day Parade. The department feel that it is vital for pupils to see the Welsh language in a real-life context and that it enhances their language learning. The department also run a Criw Cymraeg for pupils with a particular interest in Welsh, allowing them to develop their leadership skills and take ownership for the promotion of the Welsh language in their school.